Old Shader Development

A number of years ago I had cooked up several map for max and released them publicly. After some time, life got busy and I just stop recompiling them which was too bad for the small number of users that had grown to like them. Sorry about that. Its hard to keep up with development especially if its not your day job, and I really admire the coders out there that make it happen.

A bit less than a year ago, and not too long before I found out that there would be an addition to the family I started poking around the old code again with the plan to clean things up, re-access what was worth saving and what I might want to add. I’m fairly close to having the loose ends tied up and Id love to post the plugins here again sometime soon. No promises but Ill see what I can do. Its not so surprising but baby’s seem to take up a lot of free time. :D

In the meantime Ill re post some of the old images created with the maps.