The Spheres are back…well almost

Last evening, after much fussing with the WordPress Gallery I was able to bring back the Spheres. At least most of them. It may take a few more days.

For those that haven’t the slightest clue as to what I’m referring to, just take a look. The long and the short of it is , its a collection of user supplied images, most often digitally created of, you guessed it, Spheres! One might ask, WHY? And the simplest answer I can give you is its a nice simple canvas to display creativity. Restrictive you might say, nah, it s ripe with possibilities and at the same time you end up with a nice set of cohesive imagery.

So that being said, if you feel creative, submit your own! It can be CG, painted, photography the sky is the limit, Just email me. If its remarkable Ill post it.

Michael at morphographic dot com


P.S. Joana Garrido’s Fugu images are still amongst my favorite submissions, nice work!