Multifractal Sandbox

One of the procedurals that I had been playing around with the last time I was working on maps for 3DS Max was a Multifractal.  In short, Multifractals, unlike your run of the mill fractal noise, produce a non homogenous distribution of detail. This goes a long way to making the resultant image more natural. A good example is the frequency of details that you would see in a mountain range. At the tops of the peeks you expect to see jagged sharp features were as in the valleys you see softer more rounded forms. In nature this has everything to do with erosion but a cleverly constructed Multifractal can put the right frequency of detail in the right places.  This distribution of frequency’s looks far more natural than in a standard fractals case where all frequency’s are present throughout the result.

Ill leave the details to another post but its safe to say Ill be releasing it out into the wild when the first pack goes out.

Oh, and Sparse convolution noise is sooooo tasty.

With some simple lighting and and even simpler material you can end up with something that doesn’t look too shabby.