Long time new Spheres

Added a couple more spheres tonight as its been way too long. Hope the new year is finding you well.


February 18, 2013

Leverage… 391% Funded With 23 Days To Go!

OK, I’m more than pleased. Our little project is doing amazingly well. Not to mention its generated a fair amount of buzz. We’ve had it land on some great sites, and my guess is that it will find a home on several more before its done.

Take a look.




Even in Italian  5breakfast.com


171 Backers and going!

Our little Kickstarter Project is going great guns! Im so pleased. Thanks everyone for you’re support! Here shortly we are going to be busy making carbon fiber dust.

Leverage is a credit card sized bottle opener that takes advantage of the inherent strengths of carbon fiber, allowing for a super thin (.059″) and ultra light weight (.3oz) design you won’t have to think twice about carrying around. In other words… no more need to key-fob around.



“All the Leverage you Need”

Today is a big one. My brother Greg and I have put up a kickstarter project For a credit card sized bottle opener, called Leverage. Its only been posted a half day and we are halfway to the goal! Lord ony knows how many backers we may hit before the 30 day are done.

Go take a look!


Otherworldly Contributions

Ive added a couple of new Spheres from the Cassini-Huygens mission. Amazing images!



A few new Spheres

Yet some more stragglers. I may have a few more this week.




Ok I Lied

I apologize in advance, here I thought I had found all the old sphere submissions but it wasn’t the case. There are a handful of really fantastic offerings that never made it into the old site as it sat there gathering dust. Ill put a few up at a time over the next week or so. Thanks to everyone that handed images off. And if you don’t see your info associated with the image please contact me. I may have lost it and would love to get it from you again.

Here are just a couple of what I found.

All the best!


Multifractal Sandbox

One of the procedurals that I had been playing around with the last time I was working on maps for 3DS Max was a Multifractal.  In short, Multifractals, unlike your run of the mill fractal noise, produce a non homogenous distribution of detail. This goes a long way to making the resultant image more natural. A good example is the frequency of details that you would see in a mountain range. At the tops of the peeks you expect to see jagged sharp features were as in the valleys you see softer more rounded forms. In nature this has everything to do with erosion but a cleverly constructed Multifractal can put the right frequency of detail in the right places.  This distribution of frequency’s looks far more natural than in a standard fractals case where all frequency’s are present throughout the result.

Ill leave the details to another post but its safe to say Ill be releasing it out into the wild when the first pack goes out.

Oh, and Sparse convolution noise is sooooo tasty.

With some simple lighting and and even simpler material you can end up with something that doesn’t look too shabby.



The Sphere Gallery is up to date

I spent a little time today getting most all of the old entry’s back in place. Unfortunately, they  are not in the original posting order but for the sake of getting them back up there I think this will do. I still need to add some of the submission information to the images but this will happen a bit at a time. In addition I posted a few new entry’s to the gallery.


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